Jealous Love

Story Behind The Song

Thinking that this relationship was so different, all of a sudden his/her actions are reminders from a past relationship creep into view as though it is happening all over again

Song Description

Lies & Deception lead to anger & jealousy

Song Length 3:38 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Funk
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Disturbed, Disgusting Subject Jealousy, Bad Love
Similar Artists Pat Benatar Language English
Era 2000 and later



You tell me I'm the one; it's so hard to believe
I think about the past and my heart skips a beat
You're telling me she's just a friend, I know the signs
Cause there I've been, this is where it begins

V1: To love you is to trust you; your trust has tainted love
Now there's a pain so deep inside me
But you don't know it because I hide behind a smile

CH: Jealous love boy, the kind of love that destroys,
A love that walks a thin line between love and hate
Jealous love boy, the kind of love that keeps score
Hangs in the balance of fear and waits

BR: I can hardly breathe cause this fears choking me
I try to block the thoughts and the visions I see
This jealousy is killing me I feel the blood
Inside my veins going cold

V2: Please don't try to hold me, I can't take it anymore
Life has no more meaning, your love is what I'm living for


Lyrics Maryline Marie Music Irena Rashri
Producer Irena Rashri/Maryline Marie Publisher CQuinz Entertainment
Performance Maryline Marie Label CQ Records
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