turn to stone

Story Behind The Song

after finding out that his wife had been having an affair the main character in the song tells how his heart is turning to stone and cannot trust anyone anymore. how even though his heart is broke he has this deep feeling that like he says seasons change

Song Description

the song is basic blues with a slight twist and has a bit of reverb to bring about an erieness about it, like spooky

Song Length 5:08 Genre Rock - Funk, Rock - Classic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Unbearable Subject Breaking Up, Bad Love
Similar Artists Sade, Santana Language English
Era 2000 and later


seems like only yesterday
when I found true love that i thought was here to stay
looking into here eyes I saw such love for me
never could I realize it was only just make believe

now shes gone and I'm left here alone
heart so cold I 've turned to stone

(chorus is just 2nd part of main rythym)

Turn to stone
Turn to stone
Turn to stone

Everyday I look into the mirror of my soul
trying to find someone who will make me whole
women come and women go it is all the same to me
a broken man is all I am to be

seasons come and seasons go
my hearts so cold I've turned to stone

Turn to stone
Turn to stone
Turn to stone


Now true love again I find
my eyes have been so blind
to your love for me

Lyrics mark allan wolfe Music mark allan wolfe
Producer mark allan wolfe Publisher mark allan wolfe
Performance mark allan wolfe Label mark allan wolfe
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