snake skin

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A nice instrumental rock and roll bed. Nothing to fancy yet reminiscent of hair band days Fearless, Alternative, Aggressive, Attack, Daring, Dare Devil, Extreme, Kick-Ass, Hard-Core, Stunt, Stunts, Tricks, Heavy, Surf, Snowboard, Carve, Grind, Cut, Rip, Edge, Heavy, Dark, Angry, Manic, Crazy, Wild, Skateboard, Bungee, Sports, Jump, Airplane, Jet, Grunge, Champion, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, Charged, Maximum, Speed, Burn Rubber, Fly, Adrenalin, Action, Adventure, GenX, Hero, Superhero, Supercharged, Driving, Energy, Fast, Speed, Motorcycle, Race, Cars, Indy, Half-Pipe, Ollie, Crash, Wipe-out, Get Air, Nascar, Motor cross, X-Games Threat, Danger, Sports, Maximum, Excessive, Pumped, Competition, Exciting, Manic, Olympics, Chaotic, Guitar, Boxing, Karate, Martial Arts, Dangerous, Heat, Hunt, Wild, Dark, Kick, Punch, Heavy, Intense, Ballistic, Pursue, Chase, Save The World, Edge, Exhilarating, Battle, Tough, Hard, Big, Charged, Battle, Emergency, Video Game, Video Games, Prison, Crime, Cops, Tough, Super Hero, Superhero, Crime-fighter, Hard, Wild, Fly, Feat, Edge, Guns, Ammo, Cool, Power, Powerful, Dirty, Nasty, Dark, Hype, Uptempo, Rockin, Fight, Excess, Radical, Agro, Tube, Thrash, Motion, Charge, Scream, Rev, Pumped, Team, Unleashed, Rock, Propel, Punch, Heat, Thunder, Wild, Sexy, Fun

Song Length 5:16 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Heated, Stressed Subject Jealousy, Snakes
Similar Artists Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne Language English
Era 2000 and later
Lyrics no lyrics Music mark allan wolfe
Producer mark allan wolfe Publisher mark allan wolfe
Performance mark allan wolfe Label mark allan wolfe
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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