Moonlit Night

Story Behind The Song

I worked on this song with this theme for years but it was always too cliche. Recently started working with a new client whose story helped with the finishing touches.

Song Description

When you meet someone and interest starts to spark. This song captures that evening.

Song Length 4:40 Genre Pop - Alternative, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Fast (151 - 170)


Ó D. Mark Ragg 2007

Stay a while, the night is young, I?d like to get to know you?
Your eyes avert but your glance says something?s in the air.
Let?s breathe in deep, taking in this awkward moment,
And talk so deep we discover everything that?s there.

As I speak, my voice sounds strange, almost disembodied,
Ears hang on words but search for tones to bring them hope.
Stories collide then yield to sounds of awkward laughter,
And eyes connect to make every moment slow

Oh moonlit night, please, please go on forever
With the promise of those things that might be coming soon
Oh moonlit night, please, please go on forever.
There?s champagne in our eyes and lace upon the moon.

I touch your hand, fear fades, I feel your greeting,
The world disappears from sight. I only see your eyes.
Lips meet skin, breath held in, exhaling oh so slowly.
As we lose ourselves in the swirl of this moonlit night.
This moonlit night oh? oh? I can feel the passion
This moonlit night there?s only, only me and you.

Lyrics D. Mark Ragg Music D. Mark Ragg
Producer D. Mark Ragg Performance Shameless Blues Band
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Clean Clean

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