You Don't know Me Coreys

Story Behind The Song

Just observation of the world and all the invisible people............

Song Description

Pointing out the inequities of life and class distinction....Oooo Blame it on Capitalism.........

Song Length 3:18 Genre Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Frustration, Equality Similar Artists Somebody
Language English Era 2000 and later


You Don't Know Me

Margie & Art Corey/BMI Copyright 2016 (C)

Ooooo... I don't know you and I don't care
You live in your big world , with no time to spare

1st Verse
You don't know me and you don't seem to care
We're just two strangers, with a whole lot to share

2nd Verse
You don't see my purpose, and I don't get your vibe
Livin' in this beautiful world, oh, I hope we can survive
Oh, I hope we can survive......................

I could be a doorman, or I could drive your car
Or I could be some stranger, you see from a far....

3rd Verse
You probaly never see me, you probably never try
It's hard to see what's going on, in your Penthouse in the sky

4th Verse
You don't know what moves me, you don't feel my pain
You just walk on by me, never knowing my name ........

I could be a doorman, or I could drive your car
Or I could be some stranger, you see from a far....

You don't know me..........
You don't know me..........

I like this song. Definitely has a 80's vibe to it's production. To me it sounds like Gerry Garcia and solo career Glenn Fry got together and knocked out this track. And I mean that in the most complimentary way.

Good, original sound and idea. Love the beating riff and the instrumentation, as well as the theme. I like several of the pauses and breakdowns in here. They add to the piece a lot. Overall cool piece. Not naming names, but in my biased opinion, somebody fell right into this, although I know it's not originally about him. But he's so vain, I bet he would think this song was about him.

Catchy rhythm, love the breakdowns before the bridge.

Vocalist is very talented and the harmonies are well done.

Lyrics Margie & Art Corey Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey Performance Art Corey, BIAB, Studio One Chaps
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