Things Have Changed Coreys Buck Swade

Story Behind The Song

Break-up song

Song Description

A sad break-up tune.......

Song Length 3:24 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Sadness, Loneliness Language English
Era 2000 and later


Things Have Changed

Margie & Art Corey/BMI Copyright 2016 (c)


I knew you wouldn't be there when I returned
I had a feeling things had changed
Oooo..........wouldn't be there when I returned
Things have changed.........
Things have changed.........

1st Verse
You left your keys and a note
I'm leaving now, is all you wrote
There was no time to say good-bye
There was no time to ask you why?
No time to ask you why?

2nd Verse
I still see your favorite chair
Your perfume lingers in the air
I keep listening for your phone
I've never felt so much alone
Ooooo so alone..........

So many things I meant to say
How can we throw it oh, all away
Wish you were still here with me
Was our love just some fantasy...............

3rd Verse
All the empty picture frames
This home will never be the same
If I could take back the things we said
You'd still be here in my empty bed.........

Re-peat 1st Verse..........

Great song and performances. Great chorus hook very catchy I think people often get tripped up on where to place their songs, I usually thin of smooth jazz as a p[lace for instrumental pieces, I heard a smooth jazz version of Yesterday by the Beatles on the radio the other day. But the actual song Yesterday by the Beatles is a "POP" song. Songs that have vocals and melodies and stories, even if they have a Jazzy substructure, can often go further in Pop, rock, and R&B categories. I could easily see this song in an "Indie Pop " band catalogue, could be an arctic monkeys song or any one of a dozen other indie pop bands.

Like the horns

Sweet song. I LOVE it when you slow down the delivery of "Things Have Changed." Really pulls the listener back into the song. The sax in the background is perfect, not overbearing or in the way of the vocal. Good luck pitching the tune. It really has potential to chart IMHO.

This reminded me of a little bit of Donald Fagen/Steely Dan with how the vocals were being affected. The song definitely has a nice, constant groove and you can clearly hear the instruments which help set the mood and makes it enjoyable to listen to. I liked the slight lo-fi electronic piano intro.

Hi Art. Here I am again. This is really cool!! Very interesting to do this style of music with vocals...not common, but it works exceptionally well. Really nicely arranged and sung. I love that sax playing off the vocal. This is a gem!!

Very well performed and the production is nice. I especially liked the horns throughout. There is a nice smooth feel to this that rolls along nicely.

Like the Sax. Good pace to the melody, would be good movie material. Nice understated vocal.

Lyrics Margie & Art Corey Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey/Jerry Peterson Sax Performance Buck Swade/Doc Peterson Sax
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