Selfie In Dubai Sara M. & A. Corey

Story Behind The Song

Tune about selfie's & LOVE

Song Description

Silly Tune about lost love.........& Selfie's

Song Length 3:08 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Electronic - Dance
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled Subject Comedy, Funny, Silliness
Similar Artists ???? Language English
Era 2000 and later


Selfie In Dubai

Art & Margie Corey Copyright 2014 (c)

1st Verse

She took a Selfie in Dubai
Now, they say she made the Mona Lisa cry
But down in the Casba, Ooooooo they think she's a spy!
What, what, what, what?? Ooooooo..........
Listen up, something's goin' down
Listen up, something is goin' down

Yeah, here's some back story............


Now, she's takin' pictures and travelin' the world
She's got her cell phone handy, no stoppin' this girl
He left her with her phone and a very brokin' heart
So, she bought a one-way ticket for a very fresh start............

2nd Verse
She met a Frenchman at the Louve
In Monte Carlo, she finally found her groove
Then she called her Ex
And said, buddy Oooo you lose


There's a place in Dubai, where she told her Ex
Good-bye Loser

Fun song with lots of interesting vocal harmonies and interplay. Quirky in a good way. The lyrical melody has good treats for the ears. The horn play is very fun and reminds me of the 1960's which is an interesting coupling with the cell phone imagery. Nice vocals, the rap could come up a bit. The mix has good separation, clear, and clean. not bad at all.

Really interesting track. I like it

Love the horns, sounds like real instruments being used.

Vocals a little too on top of mix instead of inside it. The vocals don't really suit the type of music and the levels are sometimes jarring, with the synth stabs coming through too hard.

vocals nice and recorded well. like the horn, and good percussion

Lyrics Margie & A. Corey Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey Performance M. Corey/ Sara-Pure Vocals/Anibal Sax & Flute/Juan Carlos Bass
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