Secret Sex Appeal, New Sax Parts

Story Behind The Song

My wife sometime dances down the hallway in the afternoon, while I'm writing music. I thought she looked so sexy, that I needed to write a song about this beautiful lady. She's a very private person and I don't think she'd dance quite like that in's a very seductive tame CHA-Cha......Oooo La La

Song Description

It's just a little tune about a woman's desire to be sexy in the confines of her own home, after a long day at work!!

Song Length 4:27 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz, Jazz - Smooth Jazz
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood On Cloud Nine, Charming Language English
Era 2000 and later


"Secret Sex Appeal"
Marg & Art Corey/BMI
Copyright 2015 (c)

It's getting pretty hot in here, can you feel the heat?

1st Verse
Now, when she gets home after a very long day
She pours a glass of Merlot, and her hips begin to sway
Loosens up her silk blouse, and lets her hair down
Turns the music louder, and starts to spin around
Oooooo, Cha-cha-cha-cha............

Yeah, she does a sexy cha-cha, dances down the hall
Moves it to the back deck, I hope she doesn't fall
Shakes it in her flip flops, swings it in her heels
But, such a private lady, it's something she'll never reveal..........
Oooo, her secret sex appeal...........
Ooooo..... Never, never reveal..............
Ooooo......Never, never reveal...............
Her secret sex appeal..............
It's her secret sex appeal..............


Oh yeah, such a lady just trying to keep it real
But, when the music movin', it unleases her secret sex appeal
Takes it to the laundry, works it by the stove
Feels the sultry rhythm, right to her sexy toes
No one knows what lies behind her private walls
Once the music starts, and her inhabitions start to fall
Inhabitions start to fall....................
Inhabitions start to fall....................

Repeat-1st Verse

Seductive and well done Jazz with a beautiful underlying R&B rhythm. Great production and very professional. Well done.

The song has a jazzy smooth rhythm. Good track.

Fun quirky song. Reminds me a bit of Frank Zappa. Sexy girl spoken voice. Fun track over all over!

Very funky, good vocals, nice arrangement, sexy female voice, male voice excellent too, catchy rhythms, good sax,

Love the dreamy vibe of this track. So well done!

Hi Art! If I'm not mistaken, those sound like the inimitable vocal stylings of the one and only Art Corey!! Well done!! Cool, sensual song!! Must be your sax guy again...sounds great!!

starts to move more at 1:20-ish... the arrangement works well, like the sax but its right out back, hypnotic feel and a nice song idea

I like the general groove of this song. also the background talking adds a lot. great idea. the start is especially good!

Great musicality and instrumentation. I love the Latin feel to this peace. Lyrics are hot! This song is put together and composed well. Loved the fade out at the end. Great job.

Really cool song with really sexual overtones, and appropriate instrumentation to match. I like the percussion groove underneath and tight guitar and killer sax on top of it all. It's also well recorded and well mixed.

Lyrics Marg & A. Corey Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey/Jerry Peterson Performance Art Corey/Vocals Margie/Vocals/J. Peterson/Sax

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