Rosa Danced In Veracruz Coreys

Story Behind The Song

Made up Saga about an individual that heads south of the border and meets a beautiful woman/dancer and falls in love.........But then she's gone!

Song Description

Singer heads to Mexico, falls in love with Taxi Dancer.....

Song Length 3:16 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Willie Nelson?? Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Rosa Danced In Veracruz

Words & Music by Margie, Art, Alton & S. Corey Copyright 2001 (c)

1st Verse
Rosa Danced in Veracruz
In satin skirts and patent shoes
With trumpets and her castanets
Her beating heart and beads of sweat
All for sale a dime a dance
She'd be your corazon
The mandolin would make her spin
"Amor" was written on the guitaron.......

Rosa danced in candlelight with spirits of the dead
Rosa listened with her heart to what the spirits said
They say......Rosa
Don't leave Mexico!
Don't leave Mexico!

2nd Verse
Now, I came down to Veracruz
On two weeks pay, not much to lose
Cantina music pulled me in
I may not go home again
Rosa danced with me all night
She seemed my very own
The morning came and with the dawn
I was all alone, she was gone!


Voices in the candle glow
Have kept her here, she will not go
Americanos just like me
Have tried to win her patiently.........

Rosa lives by candlelight...........

Rosa Danced in Veracruz.................

This song has a very nice vibe....Its has a home somewhere

I like the song, good lyrics , well played, nice story telling. I lived in Veracruz for 6 months when I was 29. Loved it. I think I met Rosa!

Hi Art! Me again!! Really nice tune.....has such an ambiance and sweet intimacy to it! I think that is you on vocals? I wouldn't call you a singer (or me for that matter) but you have the ability to deliver a song.....lots of feeling in this one....reminds me of Jimmy Buffett (one of my faves).

Very Beautiful song. I love the sound of romance in Mexico. Sounded so authentic. Purely amazing and beautiful.

Love the groove and swing of this tune. Does remind me a bit of the old "El Paso" tune with the guitar fills. Which I like. The playing is good and solid. I like the theme, easy to grab onto and stays with you. Bright and upbeat tune.

This is a fine fine folky song about a guy falling for a woman across the border. Simple story, but well told....I imagined a taxi dancer and a mesmerized gringo dreaming of taking her back to the states....but, it wasn't to be...."Rosa danced in candlelight with spirits of the dead......
Rosa listened with her heart to what the spirits said"....those lines are brilliant and all you really need to know.

Very good song. It has a really nice feel.

Lyrics Margie, Art, Alton & Sharon Corey Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey & Steven Cooper Performance Art Corey and Steven Cooper/Ed Lackey Trumpet
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