Phone Phobia II The Corey's

Story Behind The Song

Tired of all the huge interest in phones and the time spent on them??

Song Description

People are missing out on life, while spending so much time glued to the phone........

Song Length 3:31 Genre Blues - Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


Phone Phobia
Margie & Art Corey Copyright 2015 (c)

1st Verse
Who's callin' on the other end?
Is it a foe or is it a friend?
I'll never know, cause I ain't pickin' up
If you got bad news, well I've had enough.....

2nd Verse
Don't sell me no windows, don't need no screens
Don't fill my head with vacation dreams
If you can't reach me, no you're not alone
Cause I ain't gonna answer my telephone............

I got phone phobia, let me make it clear
I got phone phobia, in case you didn't hear
I got phone phobia, is this a long distance call?
Gonna let this phone, ring off the wall!!

3rd Verse
Phones keep ringin', wherever I go
In the restaurants or the picture show
Everyone has a phone up to their ear
And everyone's talkin', but nobody hears!

Now, if you can't reach me don't bother to call
I still have my old phone, oh hangin' on the wall
If this an emergency or just for fun?
Just hang up buddy and call 911...............

Phone Phone Phobia....... Phone, Phone, Phobia
I asked my doctor, if there was anything he could do
He said...I don't know what he said??

this is very good. done well

It is very interesting in terms of the instrumentation and arrangement, to me less of a blues/rock genre but very unique and almost targeted more for a movie soundtrack or tv show that has something to do plot wise with telephone phobia... a scene where someone is obsessed with an expected call or something... the instrumentation is quirky/cool in the way horn lines show up, almost (not exactly and not to the level of) like the style of cool bells and horns in some Amy Winehouse songs... jazz elements to the song, again unique to me.

I really like the arrangement, the instrumentation the musicianship. Kind a reminded me of like Roxy music .

Reminds me of an older Elvis Costello sound then goes vaudeville. There are so many vibes and genre's infused here... very interesting. This song is an extraordinary effort into the 'art rock' genre with everything else thrown in. There are no shortages of ideas here... at one point I hear Lenny Pickett blowing a sax solo then I am taken to Broadway... then the Rocky Horror Picture Show, all within 3:30. Great vocal performance and a brilliant example of 'no limits' musical arrangements. Let's also point out all the amazing programming that went into this song.

Cool New Wave groove. Phone Phobia with ... of course... Saxophones. Great stuff!

fun and funky - terrific groove and fab sax work (and horns) - production is tight and in your face, some very quirky parts that all fit together well, making this, while somewhat familiar, also something "different".

Cute piece with good vocals and some really tasty horns. Witty lyrics and cool arrangement.

Really nice instrumentation, lots of smooth sounds and well-recorded saxophones. I like the balance and the groove is super-catchy. Well done with a nice sense of humor!

Neat song! Relatable subject. Good recording. The instruments and vocals are nice and clear. The sax stands out! Everything else is on the money, too.


Lyrics Margie & Art Corey Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey/Darren Gibbons Performance Keith Kallens, Vocals/Doc Peterson, Sax
Label What Label??

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