Once Upon A Cricket

Story Behind The Song

My friend called me not long ago and told me about a cricket she found in her bathroom and didn't know what to do?? She lives on the fifth floor of a building and thought the presence of a cricket up this many stories was quite unusual!! Anyway....my wife and I thought that this was a possible song and wahla....... "Once Upon A Cricket" was born!! Haaaa!!!

Song Description

A song about a very lucky cricket.............

Song Length 4:07 Genre Unique - Children, Unique - Children
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Delighted Subject Insects, Insects
Similar Artists ???? Era 2000 and later


Once Upon A Cricket
Marg Sampson, Original Idea
Margie & Art Corey, Music & Lyrics Copyright 2015 (c)

1st Verse
I came upon a cricket one day
All he wanted to do was play
Next thing I knew, he was on his back
But, didn't have the heart to give him a wack
Oooooo...... Little cricket

2nd Verse
Now, can I let you go, just set you free
Your tiny little eyes, keep lookin' at me
I don't wish you harm, at least not today
If you turn over, will you just go away?
Oooooo Little cricket go away........
Oooooo Little cricket go away........

Little cricket how high can you jump?
You land on your feet, or land with a thump??
Little frogs jump and little kids too
So, why am I so afraid....you?

3rd Verse
Little kids are braver than me
They watch Cricket cartoons on T.V.
Now, little kids what would you do?
If you had a cricket runnin' after you.......

Tell me little kids if you were me
Would you lock him in the bathroom or set him free
Should I leave that bug there and close the door?
Or let him run freely on my bedroom floor.......

Repeat 1st Verse
You sound like an army, but you're only one?... Oh my gosh, what should be done?

Whimsical and original, a charming story with nice popping keyboards that bounce like a cricket. I like the "whack" and the narrative at the very end. Lyrically perfect! The story line keeps me interested and takes me back to childhood upon encountering an insect! The instruments are arranged very well with lots of soft interludes and changes. Good narratives like this are hard to beat.

Love the message and hook. The instrumental is very fun.

Very Unique fun song

This song definitely gets high marks for originality. It's a kid-focused song from an adult point of view about a little cricket. It's actually rather funny... "give him a whack." I can see the kids jumping when you talk about frogs, and landing with a thump. The ending is pretty comical, too.

Lyrics Margie & Art Corey, Idea by Marg Sampson Music A. Corey
Producer A. Corey Performance Art Corey

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