On An Ordinary Tuesday 9/11 COREYS NEW SAX/PIANO/BASS

Story Behind The Song

The 9/11 tragedy...............

Song Description

The 9/11 Tragedy............written by my late sister-in-law three weeks after that terrible day........

Song Length 3:01 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Recovery Similar Artists You tell me!!!
Language English Era 2000 and later


On An Ordinary Tuesday Words & Music By Sharon, Alton, Margie & Art Corey Copyright(c) 2001

1st Verse
On an ordinary Tuesday
Through an ordinary sky
Hate rode on stolen silver arrows
I can still see them fly

2nd Verse
Through the long and frozen hours
On a day of disbelief
One simple human question
In voices filled with grief

Did you lose someone?
Oh, did you lose someone?
Did you lose someone?
I lost them all
Yes we lost them all
Oh, we lost them all............

3rd Verse
Tonight the stars are clear and cool
There's Autumn in the wind
Each fallen leaf is like a soul
Won't come home again

4th Verse
And they've gone into our memory
Through the doors of history
Let us pray for understanding
And virtues victories

The Towers fell and fell and fell
We'll remember all our lives
Friends and loved ones gone forever
Right before our eyes...........

Very unique sound. An Eclectic grit is a lyrical roadmap to the storytelling; fits nicely, but gets a bit lost in an array of instrumentation. Hear a bit of Neil Diamond, country and jazz tones. Unique blending lyrically and instrumentally.

Hi again, guys. This piece is a really pleasing, chilling and soulful take on a tragic incident. Really great instrumentation that creates very pleasing subtleties throughout, such as the brief appearance of the flute. Ideal vocals, as well.

WOW!! Powerful stuff Art....congratulate your wife on a wonderful lyric!! I still remember that day.....turned on CNBC at about 7 AM and thought "WHAT THE HELL?" Such a tragic day. You did a beautiful arrangement. Vocal is killer.....is that you?

I love the lyrics of this song, though this production needs some remixing...again, lyrics sublime...

Lush sound and a very rich vocal, descriptive storytelling and some neat melodies from the main line but well complimented by the sax. The "did you lose someone' melody is a great hook. While this is gentle and easy listening the message and track is a strong one - enjoyable listen

Very good song. I really liked it.

Lyrics Sharon, Alton,Art,& Margie Corey Music Art Corey
Producer A. Corey Performance Art CoreyVocals/ Doc Peterson- Killer Sax
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