Mama Della Coreys Piano & Sax

Story Behind The Song

A really hot senior citizen living in Corpus Christi.......

Song Description

This is a poem written by my Sister-in-law back in the early 60's. The person in the song actually existed, Mama a true story!! Pretty cool, I must say.....enjoy!!

Song Length 3:34 Genre Jazz - Lounge, Blues - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Not sure???? Language English
Era 1950 - 1959


Mama Della Words & Music By Art, Alton & Sharon Corey Copyright 1999 (c)

Let me tell you a story.........

1st Verse
I just love to see that lady again
Mama Della and her good-time friends
High steppin' woman with that sea salty hair
If the road was hot, she'd walk on air......
Walk on air.....

2nd Verse
Herb was the best old friend she had
Comin' 'round when the weather was bad
Knew he could always count on a buck
And a place to park his ice cream truck....
That ice cream would melt....

I just love-ta see her face once more
Mama Della dancin' out that door
Shakin' it up causin' such a stir
Spirit of life is movin' her.........
Movin' her.........

Musical Bridge

3nd Verse
Clayton McDevitt was a domino-shark
Shuffleboard wizard of the shore-line park
Came uptown on sticky June nights
Waitin' for Della, Oooo to douse them lights
Douse them lights...

4th Verse
Went back by her place last night
Saw the light shin' might bright
Shapes movin' past the bay window
With a Ragtime song on the radio....

There were others, but they don't matter
Extra drippin's for the cornbread batter
Up all night, party so late
Leave next mornin' by her back fence gate..........

Loved the song. Very nice groove and rhythm. Vocals are stellar and spot on. Perfect choice of instrumentation and great mix/recording. Dynamics are good and I really liked the lyrics on this piece. This is a well thought out out and performed song. Great job.

Nice jazzy groove. The acoustic bass parts are solid, I like how it plays half notes and then sometimes walks. Electric piano and guitar are comping perfectly and both instruments are balanced and complementary. Beautiful reverbs on the sax and vocals. The mood is set to cool and relaxed on this track. Good clarity on the sax, eq is good. Mix is well balanced.

Really nice laid back track. Especially loved the reverb setting on the soprano sax track - really makes the track sound dreamy - almost ambient.

Lyrics Sharon, Alton & Art Corey Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey Performance Art Corey, Jerry Peterson Sax & Piano, BIAB

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