I've Been Up & I've Been Down Corey's

Story Behind The Song

Trials & tribulations of Love & Life...Bummer

Song Description

Just listen to the Song, that will really give you the front & center picture of the tune!!! LOL!!

Song Length 3:40 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists ?? Language English
Era 2000 and later


"I've Been Up, I've Been Down"
Margie & Art Corey/BMI Copyright 2019 (C)

1st Verse
I've been up, I've been down
I've been all over town
One thing I've decided is true right now
I've Got to get away from the mess you've made
I've been Up and down too many times...

Do I see a break in the clouds up ahead
Do I see Lady luck shakin' her head
Oh..........what am I gonna do
When I play my last hand....... today

2nd Verse
I've taken too many chances, heard too many lies
You've taken me for my very last dime
I know life's tough, but you make it harder
Next time I'll be a whole lot smarter.....Baby

Who do you think your messing with?
You're like a rattle snake, I don't need to get bit!
I got to get out of town, while I still can
You're dragging me under, like a pool of quick sand

Need to get out of here,
See you in my rear view mirror
Put my truck in drive and get out of here
Got my suitcase packed
And my gas tank's full
Should have left here yesterday......
But today will do...........

1st Verse.....
Yeah.....I've been up, I've been down
One thing I can do right now
I'm gonna get away from this mess you've made
Yeah, I've been Up and down...Ooooooo


Great vibe - neat style, good playing and vocals, really like the story and the vocalisations

You had me from the first note. I loved the vocal and the music. I wanted more specific of why the girl did what she did in the verses and the big payoff in the chorus. Did you like specific instrumental parts--vocals
1) Does my intro make you want to hear the song? yes 2) Does my opening line draw you in and make you want to hear more? yes 3) Is my melody interesting? yes 4) Does my melody get stuck in your head? yes 5) Does my chorus stand out and take the song to a higher place? yes

Nice vocal and lyrics. A pleasant listen without knocking me out.

Cleanly produced recording.

Really strong sound on this track. Very confident and well performed vocals. Good guitar work and singalong chorus.
Real feel good music and a happy engaging sound.
Good job.

Great job. I really enjoyed listening to this. Definitely marketable!

Great vocals. Well done.

Lyrics The little Woman Margie & A. Corey Music Art Corey
Producer A. Corey, Ed Tree Publisher Sharomar Music Pub. BMI
Performance Ed Tree all instruments, Buck Swade on the Killer Vocals Label Hmmmmmm,,,What Label???
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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