I'm Not Your Back Up Plan COREY'S

Story Behind The Song

Not sure where this idea came from exactly, but it just sounded so real lyrically!!

Song Length 3:05 Genre Country - Rockabilly, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Country Guys Language English
Era 2000 and later


I'm Not Your Back Up-Plan
Margie & Art Corey/BMI Copyright 2019 (c) Songuard 4/11/2019

1st Verse
I don't want to be your back-up plan
No second fiddle you see
If you think I'm your next best option
You better not count on me....

Yes, we're all running on lonely
Oh, won't you give your love to me

I'm not your under study
I'm not your stand-in Man
I'm not your Back-up plan

2nd Verse
Wish you loved the me, that is me
Because I love, the you that you are
There could never be another one and only
The day I found my only you

Yes, we're all running on lonely
Won't you give your love to me
I don't want to have to go
Don't want to be the last to know
If I'm your back-up plan
So, call me when you know
What you're really looking for
I'll always have an open door

3rd Verse
For me it's all or nothing
But nothing doesn't look good to me
Yes, I just need to be your number one
No number two or three

1st Verse.....Repeat

Great vocals, great lyrics, love the instrumentals. It has the sound of the Gatlin Brothers.

Well crafted lyric. Nice use of slide guitar/dobro. Nice harmonies

Loved the stacked vocals throughout the song and the harmonies. Perfectly placed. Great feel

Lyrics Margie & Art Corey Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey Publisher Sharomar Music Pub.BMI
Performance Buck Swade,K.Marx, J. Nichols, and a few other strap Hangers Label Hmmmm???
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