Her Beautiful Hissy Fits COREYS Joseph

Story Behind The Song

Made up story

Song Description

Happy little tune.........

Song Length 3:21 Genre World - Reggae/Caribbean
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Blissful Similar Artists ?
Language English Era 1980 - 1989


Her Beautiful Hissy Fits
Margie & Art Corey/BMI Copyright 2017 (C)

La, la, la laaa.......La la la La la Laaaa

1st Verse

She's hot & cold, she's hit & miss
She keeps me guessing, with her hissy fits
Yes....her beatiful Hissy Fits

I never know, if she wants to kiss
Or is she ever really into this..........

La, la, la laaa.......La la la La la Laaaa

2nd Verse
She's my heart and soul, she's sunny and mild
Sometimes a woman, ohh...sometimes a child
If she has a storm brewing, she'll drive me wild....
It may seem crazy, but she makes me smile

And I never know, if she wants to kiss
Or is she ever really into this..........

She's an Island rain, then a hurricane
There's no getting over it
She's a woman and a child, oh, it drives me wild
I've come to love those hissy fits..........
Yes, her beautiful hissy fits..........

3rd Verse
She's naughty & nice, she's fire...she's spice
She always takes my breath away....
She blows like the wind and comes back again
But I'm always here to stay...........


great island vibe

Nice Caribbean vibes about a temperamental woman take me to the blue water and palm trees.

the vocals are really good, gave me Bob Marley vibez

Loved the feeling it gave. Definitely an Island groove. Loved the total song...lyrics, instrumentation and vibe. Great job! You will definitely find licensing for this song if you haven't already.

I must say that I think I became BroadJam Friends with this songwriter. He played this song for me after reviewing another song of his! Great Pop Reggae Song! All of it...the arrangement, instrumentation, quality of Lyrics and song message is this song, Excellent! You get caught up as he describes of the ways of her stormy nature. Great story in a great song! Keep up the good works!

i never know if she wants to kiss or if shes ever really into this
shes my heart & soul shes sunny & mild sometimes a woman sometimes a child
if she has a storm brewing she drive me wild it may seems crazy but she makes me smile

Lyrics Margie & Art Corey Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey & Jerry Peterson Performance Wes Joseph Vocals/Jerry Peterson Sax A Corey Producer
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