Hanging On To A Heartache Corey's

Story Behind The Song

If we tell you how we came upon the idea for the song, people close to us would be upset!!

Song Description

I have a really great idea for the long description for the tune, JUST LISTEN TO THE SONG!! LOL!!

Song Length 3:08 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists ? Language English
Era 2000 and later


"Hangin' On A Heartache"
Margie & Art Corey Copyright 2018 (C)

I know it's over, but I'm hangin' on
I know it's over, but I'm hangin' on
Whooo hangin' on................
To a Heartache.....

1st Verse
All those wide open spaces
Seem so empty without you
Can't find our way back home
Can't stay, but I can't go..........

2nd Verse
All those sweet, sweet memories
Keep sailing on by
Like so many dark clouds,
In a distant, Blue Sky

There's a hole in my heart
Where our love use to be.......
Like a song with so many notes
But no melody..........
Yeah....there's a hole in my Life
Where our love use to roam.......
Now, we're two blowin' tumble weeds
In a storm far from home........

3rd Verse
Got a full tank of Gas now......
But nowhere to go.........
That open road back to you
Is all that I know......
Oh, all that I know....

Chorus Repeat


Love this ! Ticks over nicely all the way through , great vocal is always a bonus .

We thought we hear a banjo...and a fiddle? Fabulous, guys!!

This is a really good song..... Glenn Campbell.... ish. I would love love for you to sing some of my songs....

Very nice song! Loved the lyrics, tempo, and arrangement. The instrumentation was great! This song was a breath of fresh air from some of the reviews I've done tonight! LOL

Lyrics Margie & Art Corey Music A. Corey
Producer A. Corey, Ed Tree Publisher Sharomar Music Pub. BMI
Performance Buck Swade, Ed Tree, and a cast of thousands Label Don't ask!! It's a mystery..........
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