Gravity Coreys KILLER SAX

Story Behind The Song

We just had a Crazy thought regarding gravity and love......a tad surrealistic or just flat out weird!!!! Please work with us on this one!! The Sax player later said that we need to get out a little more....he's probably right!! Haaaaa!!!

Song Description

The interaction of Love and Gravity

Song Length 3:40 Genre Unique - Unclassified, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Gloomy Subject Breaking Up, Sorrow
Similar Artists Just trying to push the envelope musically Language English
Era 2000 and later



Margie & Art Corey/BMI Copyright 2014 (c)

All you have to fear, is Gravity
Yes, all you have to fear is Gravity
So, what's keepin' you up
So what's keepin' me down tonight...............
Oh, what's keepin' us apart tonight...............

1st Verse

Once upon a time, we were in love
Yes, once upon a time, I thought we were free
But I could tell, when the clock stopped
I could tell, when your heart stopped beating for me.............
Oh, once upon a time I thought we were in love...........

Please don't let go.......

2nd Verse

Now, once upon a time, we were falling
Oh, once upon a time, I held your hand
I knew our world was spinning,
I knew we had to land
Yes, once upon a time we were falling in Love...........



I'll hold on to you, if you'll drift away with me
Cause all we really have to fear is Gravity.....................

I found this song in the Unique - Unclassified department and was surprised when a singer suddenly wants to know what's keeping us apart tonight. This is a mix of jazzy saxophone elements, electronic sounding vibes, a male singer and some backing vocals. The man singing has a nice voice.

Once upon a time...Here's a story of love lost. The instrumentation is very creative. Interesting the gravity metaphor. Very jazzy sounding. Like the horns. The spoken parts add an interesting element to the song.

Excellent, great instrumentation and recording quality.I think its all very good

Lady GaGa samples in there? Certainly different! I like inventive and this is certainly that. I tend to give marks for originality based on whether I like the tune or not, but up until this moment I've been doing that wrong because THIS is the most original thing I've heard in years!!! Kept my interest from the outset. When it went quiet at 2 min 30 I had to check if I was at the end of the song. Great work!!!

Interesting! Not a Dance Pop song though... weirdly hypnotic. Could have potential in a movie soundtrack somewhere maybe.

Lyrics Marg & A. Corey Music A Corey
Producer A. Corey and Studio One 2.6 Version Performance A. Corey & Doc J. Peterson on Sax
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