Gonna Hit The Road Corey's

Story Behind The Song

The singer ain't dealin' well with all the new changes in life....along with the influx of trendy Gizmos........also, part of the lyrics are taken from an old poem that Marg wrote years back....you all remember her don't you?? Love That Woman....

Song Description

Maybe time to get out of Dodge....TWICE!!!

Song Length 2:59 Genre Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Troubled
Subject Change, Frustration Similar Artists Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Language English Era 2000 and later


" Gonna Hit The Road"
Margie & Art Corey
Copyright 2016 (c)

Ooooooooooooo, Ooooooooooo.................

1st Verse

Don't like the future, don't care for the past
Livin' for the moment , man I hope it lasts
I keep my tooth brush in my wallet and my wallet in the stove
If things don't get better, I'm gonna hit the road

Ooooooooooooo..I'm gonna hit the road.......

2nd Verse

Now, If you think you can push me around
I got one foot out the door and the other on the ground
Where are you going and where you taken me
No one ever knows , what tomorrow's gonna be...........

I hear the road a callin' me,
Oh, I hear the road a callin' me

3rd Verse

I sleep in Motels, eat meals on the run
My friends will be strangers, my clock is the sun....
Do I hear the roar of thunder or the Angels callin' me
I'll just hit the road, where I can be free

4th Verse
My home is the highway, lit by a star
My future a dream, persued in a car
The hum of my wheels, yes....carry me along
Just like a tune, of an unwritten song

I'm A black top rider....born to feel
I love that pavement beneath my wheels

Fun track. I hear some Tom Petty and maybe some Grateful Dead, the whistling adds great texture/interest/high spirits. Like the way the rhythm chugs along but doesn't get in the way of the actual song.

A road song with a country vibe.

Nice folk/country/ blue grass integration used quite effectively on this piece. I totally did not expect to hear an electric guitar track in this song, but it really worked (I liked that little surprise). Very nice, subtle backing vocals. The overall instrumental and vocal mixes are spot-on. Good quality recording.

This is a cool modern folk/americana style song with decent lyrics and some really unique and interesting vocal style and phrasing.

Cool song with a very unique vibe to it. Very well put together. Like the combo of a very cool folk song and a hootenanny. Nice touch.

really nice tune with lots of possibilities...

Here's a "hit the road" song that is sure to make every touring musician smile. Or even the street buskers and wanderers. The songwriter uses fresh lyrics and rhymes that are totally fun and engaging to listen to. Almost wants to make you tag along. The sweet, fun guitar playing accompanied by fiddle makes this song a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. The lead singer kind of reminds me of Bob Dylan...that "strained, squeezed out" vocal. Favorite lyric: My clock is the sun. Hum of the wheels - unwritten song. This is all great lyric writing and I definitely want to hear more! I love the word pictures!

Very original sound , a great mix mash of instruments, well played, blended and fun. Very nice inflections in the vocal add to the cool vibe of this ditty.
Nice job!!

Lyrics Margie & Art Corey Music Art Corey
Producer A. Corey Performance Art Corey & a Cast of thousands
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