Driving Home For The Holidays Coreys Instrumental

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It's an instrumental re-mix from earlier this year...... The existential mindless musical ramblings......what the heck!! It's completed...I'm out of here, I'm going to bed! Nighty Night!!

Song Length 3:17 Genre New Age - Meditative, Electronic - Ambient
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Serene, Tranquil
Similar Artists ??? Language No Language
Era 2000 and later



Very nice mix of synth and acoustic instrumentation, they all remained cohesive. The percussion tracks were very effective in reinforcing the theme of the tune, which came across to me to be: time. The fade-out at the end worked well. There were a couple of unexpected changes in the melodic progression which added to the "depth" of this piece.

This is an original piece of music that reminds me of smooth Jazz. I like the brassy flavor of sound. There are lot of differing elements in this piece to keep the listener's ear. This is a good piece of music to listen to while studying, reading, drinking a glass of wine on a late Saturday night at home.

Starting with a nice saxophone intro that reminds me of Tears For Fears' "I Believe," it moves into a pitter-patter beat that is really appealing with a mix of saxophone and midi instrumentations. The melody is serene and the performance engaging. I could drive leisurely up the coast and listen to this, or sit back and get lost in the tune.

Very calming and a nice listen overall. The sax is well-recorded and balanced with the other instruments. The changes in dynamics helped to move the song along. It certainly is categorized correctly as a New Age sound.

Very creative instrumental song. I liked the interesting effects, very singular and interesting. Rather a stream of consciousness instrumental (if that's a thing.) I like what I am hearing...keep the good music coming!

What's not to like? Pitch the heck out of this.

Superbly performed and mixed piece. The effects are unreal. This is as relaxing as it gets. This would sound great in the background of many shows or movies, especially a suspense film.

Very Original song I don't really listen to meditative music much but you could really feel that this could help put you in a mood nice job on the song it all sounded really well the recording was also very crisp and clear nice job keep up the good work

Lyrics Instrumental....Re-Mix Music A. Corey
Producer A. Corey Performance A. Corey
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