Chain Of Sin Art's Corey Version

Story Behind The Song

Made up story..........

Song Length 4:47 Genre Folk - Alternative


Chain Of Sin
Sharon, Alton, Art & Margie Corey/BMI Copyright 2001 (C)

Chain of Sin these empty buildings
Had a name the Devil knew
He let it ride in his black ledger
And let it burn, when the debt was due

1st Verse
Now we came down thru Red Rock Canyon
Where this town burned long ago
Came to strike the Devil's bargain
And make our run for Old Mexico.......


Chain of Sin's, gonna bind us,
this time round we'll get away
Don't look back keep on runnin',
we just might live another day
Chain of Sin, we wanted Heaven,
but there's so much Hell to paid
Don't you cry my little darlin',
we might see a better day........ See a better day...........

2nd Verse
Stolen goods and double dealin'
The pick up man just fired away
I shot him dead, cold dead, but I'll soon join him
So take his cash and please make your play


Oh, my were a sweet thing
It's your soul I took away
You can't go home, can't go to Heaven
I'll catch up with you someday.............

Good song..... good subject...

Spooky sound I dig, like the dark driving nature of the music. Cinematic.

This might work well in the movies. I like the build up.

Cool song!! Yet another facet of the Corey song machine!! Really interesting write and appropriately dark music!! That isn't your vocal is it Art? It is very good though!

Eerie but in a nice way...not sure of a folk category, but pretty unique production. Good songwriting here. Nice build.

Very nicely instrumented and arranged piece. Excellent effects. This piece keeps you anxiously awaiting for what's coming next.

Neat haunting vibe reminded me of a western Leonard Cohen. Interesting shift mid-way thru the song, adds to haunting vibe for me.

Lyrics Sharon Corey Music Art Corey
Producer A. Corey Performance A. Corey /Studio One
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