Chain Of Sin

Story Behind The Song

Just a crazy made up tale, written by some obviously crazy and disturbed songwriters.....Haaaaaa!! Man, we just love spinnin' yarns..........

Song Description

Two outlaws lovers on the run, had some possible dealings with the Devil.... and things ain't goin' right today!!

Song Length 5:23 Genre Folk - Americana, Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Crime, Theft, Danger
Similar Artists ? Era 2000 and later


Chain Of Sin
Sharon, Alton, Art & Margie Corey/BMI
Copyright 2001 (C)


Chain of Sin these empty buildings
Had a name the Devil knew
He let it ride in his black ledger
And let it burn, when the debt was due

1st Verse
Now we came down thru Red Rock Canyon
Where this town burned long ago
Came to strike the Devil's bargain
And make our run for Mexico.......

Chain of Sin's, gonna bind us, this time round we'll get away
Don't look back keep on runnin', we might live another day
Chain of Sin, we wanted Heaven, but there's Hell to paid
Don't you cry my little darlin', we might see a better day........
See a better day...........

2nd Verse
Stolen goods and double dealin'
The pick up man just fired away
I shot him dead, but I'll soon join him
So take his cash and make your play

Oh, my were a sweet thing
It's your soul I took away
You can't go home, can't go to Heaven
I'll catch up with you someday.............

Really good stuff! great job.

This is effectively moody sounding, atmospheric. Might be good for a motion picture.

Here's a dark western cowboy ballad. Chain of sin. Great title and subject matter of some renegade crooks headed on a downward spiral and taking some sweet thing along with them. It may be a depressing topic, but it's a story well told and very original. Excellent word pictures.

THis is really well done!! Some really cool lyrics, very fitting melody, and appropriate arrangement with the pad and percussion. The style of the vocal sounds very much right for the song. I'm not sure it's Americana but it is kind of between genres. Very nice job on this!!!

I found the production cool and intriguing. Especially some of the dirtier aspects. You could have gone further in the industrial / dirty direction and it would have worked well. Made it have a few more sharp teeth and a bit more grit - but you'd have a careful balancing act to retain the motion of the song and its laid back gravel. I enjoyed the Leonard Cohen esque voice and the song has a real cool factor.

Story content was good and led you through the events, I looked forward to hearing what was coming next. The overall mood of the song seemed to go with the lyrics. The instrumentation definitely protrayed the mood of the song well.

oh i hear a song for a scary movie right here. the bass is hypnotizing me, the voice is sounding creepy. good for a musical score for a shadowy movie.

Great haunting song. Sound s like it should be in Clint Eastwood western or Tarantino movie. Very interesting bridge section, it really shifts direction and makes the songs impact heighten.

Lyrics Sharon, Alton, Margie & Art corey Music Art & Margie Corey
Producer Art Corey Performance Art Corey
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