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Made up story, enjoy!!

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Made Up story, enjoy!

Song Length 2:31 Genre Country - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


Back To You Margie & Art Corey Copyright 2016 (c)

1st Verse
The wind is a blowin',
And I must be a goin',
Been so nice knowin' you....
Oh, the road is a callin'
There's a load needs haulin',
Been so nice knowin' you......

Been so nice knowin' you...............

2nd Verse
We'll meet again
I can't say when
You got me fallin' for you
I'll come back this way
I might even stay
I've never seen eyes so blue.........

Oh, The road twists and turns
And my heart really urns
To get right back to you
Now a storm is arisin'
I've got a keep drivin'
I've got a keep drivin' straight thru.........

3rd Verse
I've been drivin' this rig
Since I was a kid
Now, it's time that I settle down
I knew from the start
That you stole my heart
Now, it's time to turn this truck around


Oooooooooooooo, Ooooooooooo..........
Back to you..........
Back to you..........
Back to you..........

I really like this song......

Great instrumentation and very original blend of country meets pop (?)
The song pattern was hard to distinguish at first listen but it became more obvious the second time around. The instruments in the final section were really well played and produced.

I would love to see you perform live! I absolutely love the instruments, the arrangement, your vocals are just spot on for this type of music, unique and authentic. The whole song has an awesome driving energy. Love the fiddle!

Really cool song!! Love the feel of the tune, and the arrangement. It has this early Doobie Bros vibe that I love! The vocalist has a great tone, and the musicianship sounds tops to me. Really enjoyed this!!

Awesome fun song. It had my foot tapping the whole time. Love the fiddle, as well. The length was perfect. Not too long, or short.
Over all, great song.

Lyrics Margie Corey Music Art Corey
Performance Art Corey & Studio One dudes
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