You Take Me High

Story Behind The Song

Shaky relationship

Song Length 4:02 Genre Rock - Classic


You Take Me High

Our love's like controlled chaos, I might even say unfair
I've let you take the wheel and drive, but it's gotten us nowhere
Clue me in on your M.O girl, ecstasy followed by pain
You make then break dates, lie about it and chill with other men
I'm hooked that's the sad part, what's the crime then some might ask
I need to see some changes soon, or I'm outta here kiss my ass
Not made out of stone babe, so cut me a little slack
Don't slay my heart desert me, leave me bleeding just like that

You take me high high high - Then you take me low low low
Can't keep up with you baby - Your extremes are sure getting old
You take me high high high - Then you take me low low low
Let's meet in the middle - Half way to where you wanna go

The car shake times were awesome, under crazy moonlit nights
I thought I closed the deal with you, now reality takes a bite
Are you really just playing me, well I can play the same game
But I won't waste my time every day, just cursing out your name

Repeat Chorus

Catchy piece with some nice chord changes and high-energy vocals and instrumentation.

Lyrics Marcel Agnolin Music Marcel Agnolin
Producer Marcel Agnolin Publisher Marcel Agnolin
Performance Marcel Agnolin
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