ride on

Song Length 3:25 Genre Rock - Classic

Nice groove. Good bed supports the song well. Anticipated a change up or double time or a bridge or something would have helped the song to the 5 star rating. Good classic rock guitar tones the track is tight and well recorded.

Nice danceable rock song. "Don't you put my life on hold" good lyric for a memorable hook. Combined with "ride on" it really works. Tight band, great bass player, love the lead guitar and drummer sounds great. Turning the tide - good rhyme with ride on. Outro works well, too. Good fade.

Solids classic rock. reminds me of the 70's-80's style rock. catchy tune! defintely has commercial potential! keep up the good work!

Feel good rocker. Vocals are clean and have good body.Track is basically quite tight and cohesive.

A little slow needs to be more up tempo. Mix sounds bad need to bring middle up ad more drive to the guitars. Vocal sounds good. Just need a better mix on vocals also.

This song started so many times pressing the random review button that I'm resigning myself to review it.

And after all, why not. It's nice sounding, with the southern rock version of a funk riff conducting the verses and a very catchy refrain, which is the first thing that we hear, à la Can't Buy Me Love, the solos sound good too. Should have a lot of radio friendly appeal. The lead singer reminds me The Cars, but it's probably just my impression.

Nice old school rock feel. Very well played and great vocals.

Alright man. Your song is on it's way. Arrangement is good and liked the throw back feel.

Very nice 80s hair band song with a great hook and vocals!

Very L.A. hair band sounding!

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