Lyrical Eye featuring Kyri - Bounce

Song Description

Underground Hiphop With a clubby beat and Original Bouncy Chorus - Very clubby production which has a very "feel good" vibe to it.

Song Length 3:55 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - East Coast
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Irritated, Joyful Subject Dance, Determination
Similar Artists Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z Language English
Era 2000 and later


there aint a thing that can stop me, what, bounce
im quick to flip tracks jus like a whole ounce,
lay it down like butter, beast on a mic when i rap yall best duck cover,BACK,

its the track batta,more chatter,dont matta
still movin and the summer bout to switch hotter, bouce,
cy bounce,
lock down shit , yo i got this , bounce,
yo i blew out the game with my legs strapped, electric chair break that,
hands on the cuffs yo i hate that, move out my way , this is , fuck you,
payback, dont wanna hear me son? now you pushin playback...
i need work man? NAH! you need to stay back
me work with you ? do i need to state that, you work with me, had enough of
fake cats so i keep my rhymes spinnin jus like i was a-trak,
mcs listen please, my mic skills got girls droppin down str8 to their knees,
im so on point, i could neva fall, point,its more critical than games on a match point, last second, next move, i see all ya fake hatorz watchin tryina
bruise up my moves,stay movin got my eyes wide, get it right,bounce what,
bounce what get it right

they look at me like im crazy, truth is, i lost my mind as a youth, fuck
who gives...

anotha blast ,blast, banga
best hype, best flow, musta got the best style banga,
i move around like im homeless, pluck ya fools leave ya chickens out sir fried boneless,
give it to em, str8 raw, im a give it to em,
make shit happen man i got this , give it to em,
they on my head like a cap man, tell em that im back fam, cy locked thats a fact man..
i been around town, left right up down,
im hearin cy rap a lot of them clowns,
upcoming, i let them know that im uprunning,
no stop, no pause, man i got the stuff coming, bounce
let me see yall get down with it, bounce,
move , shake , rep that, get it, bounce
beat bang banga, back to the cy where everybody claims theyll hang ya,
i put my name on the game boy, anybody claim i cant spit put the word in youR GAME boy...

Lyrics Lyrical Eye , Kyri , Roxy Music Lyrical Eye
Producer Anno Domini Productions Publisher Lyrical Eye
Performance Lyrical Eye Label X Method Studios
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