Story Behind The Song

Both writers suffer from insomnia

Song Description

Describes thoughts going through one's mind when one suffer's from insomnia

Song Length 3:11 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Stressed, Frenzied Subject Television, Rivers
Similar Artists Fiona Apple, Blondie Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lying awake again
Trying to make sense again
Of all of the shapes in the darkness

Hear the tick tock again
It’s just the clock again
Telling me time is escaping

And I feel so alone
White noise inside drones

Too tired to close my eyes
Be still internalize
Can’t bother them with my problems

Trying to calm my mind
With some words designed
To forget all these worries

And I feel so alone
White noise inside drones

Must get some sleep again
Pray for some sleep again
Can’t go on this way much longer
Cover my eyes again
Cover my ears again
Voices just keep getting stronger

To sleep maybe to dream
To sleep before I…

No bottle of little sheep
To send me off to sleep
No pills are in my possession

The monster beneath my bed
Has crept into my head
Sleep has become my obsession

And I feel so alone
White noise inside drones

Lyrics Mimi Dorsey Music Ben Gomez and Mimi Dorsey
Producer Ronan Chris Murphy Publisher Loveday Productions
Performance Mimi Dorsey, Ben Gomez, Jerry Pinkston, Jade Devitt Label Loveday Productions
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