Time of Wine and Roses

Song Description

Youth is all about hopes and dreams for the future. As an adult, your perception of what the reality of your life and its situations are much different. This song speaks from the optimism of youth about what the world holds versus the sometimes harsh trut

Song Length 3:37 Genre Pop - Dreampop
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Disconcerted, Poignant Subject Infinity, General
Similar Artists Fiona Apple, Edie Brickell Language English
Era 2000 and later


Floating through life was soft and hazy,
warm and sheltered,
With no worries, no troubles and no cares
Drink in the beauty of the world all around you
Take in as much as you dare

And the old man said
Life ain’t what it seems
Open up your eyes to reality
You can’t survive on your dreams

Youth was the time of wine and roses,
There’s ripe fruit for the picking,
Just reach out your hand
This is the land of milk and honey don’t bother with
what is hard to understand

And the old man said
This country’s going south
No place left for all you Silver Spoons
I’ll wrench it out of your mouth

Youth was the time of wine and roses,
There’s ripe fruit for the picking,
Till it falls from the trees
Security and innocence are passing away
Just like my old fantasies

And the old man said
Not like the good old days
Live off the sweat of your gilded brow
In the end we all must pay

And the old man said
These times are getting rough
eah there’s no free rides anymore
To survive you must get tough

Youth was the time of wine and roses,
But flowers don’t keep blooming,
They just fade away

Lyrics Mimi Dorsey Music Mimi Dorsey and Ben Gomez
Producer Ronan Chris Murphy Publisher Loveday Productions
Performance Mmi Dorsey, Ben Gomez, Jerry Pinkston, Jade Devitt, Ronan Chris Murphy Label Loveday Productions
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