Song Length 3:14 Genre Rock - Alternative


© 2005 by Mike Lickiss

Verse 1 Now I?m running,
Now I?m running and they?re chasing me
Please let me go
Now I?m screaming,
Oh I?m screaming please let go of me
I don?t want to know

Chorus Now you hold me tight and I thank God that I?m alive
But they won?t let me be
I know I?m dreaming of thing that lasts for just this
Why can?t I see?

Verse 2 Now I?m crying out, I?m crying out a bitter sound
Oh can you see?
That I?m hurting, yes I?m hurting I?ve been beaten
The end of me

Chorus Now I hold you tight and I know it?s to say goodbye
No more I?ll dream
As I?m standing here you?re disappearing from my
The worst ending

Verse 3 So long I?ve hidden; yes I?ve hidden from what was
Why must I be?
Now it?s found me, yes it?s found me and I am

Chorus Now you walk away and there is nothing I can say
To make you see
That for you I?d wait one thousand years onto my
Oh God help me

Lyrics Mike Lickiss Music Mike Lickiss
Producer Mike Lickiss Publisher Mike Lickiss
Performance Lindy's Kitchen Label Mike Lickiss
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