Linda Mckenzie

Linda Mckenzie

Doin' Time

Story Behind The Song

Just wanted to write a sad (and traditional) slow blues song with some interesting (and not-so-traditional) chord change sections. I decided to use the imagery of a prison cell to describe the pain and isolation felt over a lost love. Don't know if it worked? but I sure had fun singing it, writing it, and even listening to it still! Mainly because I really love the blues!

Song Description

See "Story Behind the Song"

Song Length 4:22 Genre Blues - Traditional, Blues - Modern
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Miserable, Heartbreaking Subject Prison, Time
Similar Artists Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeshi Language English
Era 2000 and later


Doin' Time

I'm doin' time, hard time
And loving you, loving you was my crime
I just gave too much
You didn't give enough
And now I'm paying the price
Doin' time, Hard time
And love is the crime
(love is the crime/love is the crime)

From behind these bars
The room is so cold
And the emptyness
Emptyness takes it's toll
Given a second chance
I'd do it all again
And take what you'd give me despite
Doin' time, Hard time
And love is the crime
(Love is the crime, Love is the crime)

I'm guilty as charged with crimes of the heart, so lock me up and throw away the key.
I've got time on my hands and I don't understand why you could not love me?

c 1-30-2005 Linda Mckenzie (Addagirl Music, an ASCAP affiliate)

Lyrics Linda Mckenzie Music Linda Mckenzie
Producer Linda Mckenzie Publisher Addagirl Music
Performance Linda Mckenzie Label Addagirl Music
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