Runaway Success - feat. Fleezya

Song Length 2:58 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Here she comes
blingin' in her gold limousine
she wanna party
take it way beyond the extreme
She'll bend a rule if she has to
to park in the pool
she'll kick your ass if she's got to
won't be nobody's fool

look at daddy's rich little queen
she's on the cover
of every fab magazine
She'll lose that dude if she has to
if it's better with Bret
She'll show some lace if she got to
to look nice on the Net
She wants it all
she wants some more of that Cris

Like a runaway
in a tight little dress
got her life in a mess
So run away
cranky bitch in distress
she can sing, wanna act,
do the dance and undress
pretty crazy and whacked
oh oh oh
and she's a runaway success

Gucci shoes
trippin' down the grand boulevard
the sky is spinning
twinkle twinkle slow fallin' star
she'll cut her hair if she has to
to get back on the news
she'll hit that maid if she's got to
to get lines 'bout a bruise
she wants it all
but now she's on for that Fizz


And she's got plenty of rooms
in her penthouse ka-boom
she's so in with the crowd
livin' high on a cloud
you can rattle her cage
if you're cute for your age
She likes it hot
and soon she's turning eighteen


Kicks ass right from the start. Then . . . keeps up the momentum.
Great hooky chorus.

Singer reminds me of Sheryl Crow! Good arrangement and mix. Great guitar tone and effects. Plenty of hooks!

Lyrics Lennart Jensen Music Lennart Jensen
Producer Lennart Jensen Publisher Belcadenza
Performance Vocals: Fleezya, All instruments and programming: Lennart Jensen
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