Raging River - feat. Fleezya

Song Length 4:00 Genre R & B - Classic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


So hard to control it
a stream of thoughts
is ramblin' on my mind
the love that you showed me
the dreams we caught
and laid down on the line
was just a slower way
of sayin' goodbye

There ain't no sunshine
in a feelin' so unglued
there ain't no good time
when the flood
is breakin' through

Ragin' river
sweeps away my peace of mind
Ragin' river
will I make it through the night
Ragin' river
drags me deep down in the cold
Ragin' river
gotta hold on to my soul

The mornin' is comin'
the break of day
will chase my blues away
my heart is still poundin'
but since you've gone
I'm sleepless till the dawn
that feelin' of yesterday
is still hangin' on

There ain't no bigtime
when I'm fallin' out of you
throw me a lifeline
when that water's
breakin' through


the vocal tone and guitar riffs are captivating in this song. I enjoyed the message and the feel of the song. My understanding of the song made me think the artist was a sweet and gentle girl explaining her troubles of life, relationships, etc. Lyrically,Vocally and musically this song is well executed. The mood achieved by the combination of all these well done elements is compelling and draws me in.

Lyrics Lennart Jensen Music Lennart Jensen
Producer Lennart Jensen Publisher Belcadenza
Performance Fleezya - vocals ? L. Jensen - all instruments and drum programming
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