Stary Night on the Lake

Song Length 2:58 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Mood Joyful Similar Artists Yanni

I think the piano melody is solid, I like how it changed samples about halfway through, it helped change the vibe. The instrumentation choices here are really well done. It sounds like it could be on a soundtrack to a show or movie. It has a nice build to it with a very uplifting and hopeful tone. Just needs a better recording.

I like the chord progression at the head. Builds nicely. Interesting chord change for a moment after 2:10. Nice, upbeat piano piece. To me this would make a nice filler behind a scene in a movie or tv show where there is action. The overall feel of this song is uplifting and positive, and I expect it will find it's way into a movie or tv show soon.

The actual playing is ok
It moves along pretty well
Good length

Excellent melody and wonderful piano work! Love it!

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