After Katrina or 1a.k.

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After Katrina or Though we were living in Ms just outside of Memphis Tn. when Katrina went through it didn't affect us much. I remember only one strange thing. The grass and debris obviously had blown on to the road from one direction, and all of the trees were leaning the other direction. This song was written the same week that the awful drama was played out just south of us. It was supposed to go with the news reports that we watched every day. Celine Dion, " What do you mean they can't be reached? Paddle a canoe if you have to! Since this storm, many people gauge time from its date-therefore After Katrina or 1a.k.

Song Length 5:58 Genre Classical - Contemporary, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Worried Subject Wind, News
Similar Artists Yanni Era 2000 and later



Nice flowing tune. Lots of good instrumentation. Very interesting dissonance after 1:50 to contrast, thematically, with the rest of the piece. Good mix of the various instrumentation. Good quality recording.

Excellent use of vintage synth for an original unique composition.

Very unique way of playing the piano melody!
The bass is very appropriate. I am not sure what you've played it on, but it fits well.
All the best!

Music Lawrence K. Bodien Producer Lawrence K. Bodien
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