From the Start

Story Behind The Song

This song was entirely based off my little brother's idea as he asked me to help him do a song. Since big sis knew how to work the software better, I stepped in and help turn this crayon drawing into a masterpiece. My little brother did the idea of the beat while I tinkered with it and did the melody and other sounds. But of course, this song belongs to my little bro :)

Song Description

It's has that club, slow, Usher like vibe that makes you rock to it at the back of the club if you can't find someone to dance with lol.

Song Length 1:38 Genre Electronic - General, Rap - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Cool, Sociable Subject Love at First Sight
Similar Artists Usher, Chris Brown Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Nice drum variation. It fits well with the melody. I could see this in a Gatorade commercial or sports commercial. Love the ending.

good beat, good percussion, anda subtle melody that gives a certain feeling to the song.

Excellent sound engineering. Even if having the beat hit the middle of the base of my skull was a little disconcerting, new sensations are very cool.

Too cool for school! I really liked the way this got layered as instruments were added. Really nice groove and well recorded Bravo!

Music _ladySATCHMO Producer _ladySATCHMO
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Clean Clean

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