Song Length 5:30 Genre Folk - Traditional, Folk - Traditional
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Disturbed, Irritated
Similar Artists Bob Dylan Language English
Era 1960 - 1969



Ma, they've been tellin' me stories again
About the nighttime haunts and fate's cold end.
Feedin' me poison into my ears.
Biased for 1,000 years.
Say it's not legal to open my eyes;
Say it's unlawful if I despise all of them for who they are.
All of them - for going too far.

Ma, they've been tellin' me lies again;
They've been tellin' me that I'm destined.
Believe everything that they say.
I see their mouth - it's dead and decayed.
Say, it's not legal to walk upstream.
Say, it's unlawful to follow my dream.
All of them for who they are;
Painting daytime black to protect their morning star.

Ma, they've been cheatin' me again;
For no other reason than to win.
They've been hungry for flesh and blood.
They've been prayin' for a thousand year flood.
Say it's not legal to change my mind.
Say it's unlawful to have a good time.
All of them who call themselves free
prison guards come for you in the morning at three.

Ma, they've been beatin' me again
with cowards sticks and blades of sin.
Blood on their hands and blood on their face.
A million years of hatred they try to erase.
Say it's not legal to walk away.
Say it's unlawful to live another day.
To all of them who say let it be,
I'll hang with you from history's Cypress tree.

Ma, they tell me not to care,
but I never asked for life to be fair.
Just want to be left alone.
When I die, bury my bone.
Say it's not legal to have solitude.
Say it's unlawful, my attitude.
To all of them who believe what they read,
generations have been lost in their greed.

Ma, I must go on down the road,
So many things I haven't been showed.
Hiking across the plains of life;
Up the foothills or morning strife.
Say, I'll find a mountain soon.
Say I'll find a silver spoon.
To all of them, wretched and worn;
The fire burns on, there's no reason to mourn.


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