Bost Town

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About Boston, Mass.

Song Length 3:43 Genre Folk - General, Folk - Traditional
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful, In High Spirits Subject City, Town, Village
Similar Artists Bob Dylan Language English
Era 1960 - 1969


Boston Town

Going to New England, going down to Boston Town
Where the streets still speak of yesterday's sound.
Gonna meet Benny Franklin, gonna make it through the cold.
They say in Boston Town the streets are paved with gold.

Hey now Sammy, I'm gonna meet you in the pub.
Cheers be to all, drinkin' from a frosty mug.
Goin' down to Boston Town where all the dreams are found,
By the sea, you and me, be dreamin' in Boston Town.

Be ridin' into town on an ol' freight train.
Got empty pockets, too poor to take the plane.
Gonna sit on the grass down in Harvard Yard
'til the snow gets too cold and starts a-fallin' hard.

2,000 miles on down the track. Left my home in Texas - too late to look back.
Gonna walk down through ol' Stoney Brook.
Down in Boston Town, I'm gonna write a new book.

Since 1630, we've walked through your veins,
Boston Town, Boston Town - City of Dreams.
Freedom's never lost down on Freedom Trail
Honoring the soldiers and sailors who've all set sail.

See old England in a New England way,
Up to the North End for an Italian Day.
Hearin' the stories in a foreign tongue
Of heroes and saviors and criminals on the run.

Well hey, Mr. Kennedy, I'm gonna stop to meet you.
And Mr. Sam Adams, I'm a revolutionary too.
Gonna find me a passion for the people to hear.
Gonna ride through the town like ol' Paul Revere.

Boston Town New England, town ghost old,
You'll find it's a mystery, or so I've been told.
Goin' down to Boston Town,
Boston Town, Boston Town - that's where I'll be found.

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