His Footprints

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True song about my family. I wrote the song as a present for my mom's birthday. She was turning 80 years old. I don't write music so I emailed the lyrics to my friend, Thom. Within about 45 minutes he emailed me back an mp3. We've had a lot of positive fe

Song Length 4:52 Genre Country - General


His Footprints

Graduated to the real world when he was just 13
He had to support a family, that's the way it had to be
So his high school education was from the school of life
But is was good enough to make it through with 5 children and a wife

He didn't make the evening news, he never was on stage
You'd never find his name there on the social gossip page
He wasn't rich or famous but he did a lot of good
I'd like to try to walk there in his footprints if I could

He worked two jobs most all his life and still kept up the farm
To keep a roof above our heads and keep us fed and warm
As the kids got older we pitched in, learned all about hard work
We learned to love the taste and feel of that good old red clay dirt

The kids grew up and moved away, and we do the best we can
Theres two preachers and a teacher and wealthy business man
Then there's me, a man of words, it's ironic I must say
That uneducated farmer made us what we are today

It was on windy april day, I stood there with the crowd
As I looked at all the mourners through my grief I felt so proud
That this simple honest farmer could touch all these lives and more
Made me want to be more like him than I'd ever been before


No, he wasn't rich or famous but he did a lot of good
And, I'd like to try to walk there in his footprints if I could

© 2005 Ken L Moulden and Thom Shepherd

Lyrics Ken Moulden Music Thom Shepherd

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