Three Little Girls

Story Behind The Song

Having raised two sons as a single father, it was a real culture shock when I started seeing the mother of three daughters. My wife, step-daughters and I have all adapted and are doing fine.

Song Description

A man overcomes his masculine need for a son after the birth of three daughters.

Song Length 4:02 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Pleasant, Cheerful Subject Happiness, Femininity
Similar Artists Alabama, John Denver Language English
Era 2000 and later


Three Little Girls

I was feeling all cool and confident
When my wife said, ?It?s time to go.?
We?d been to Lamaze, I?d studied the books
And knew all there was to know
There were so many things to teach my son
About this big wide wonderful world
About cars and tools and footballl games
Then the doctor said, ?It?s a girl.?

I?d always thought that having a son
Is what made a man a man
But, one look into those baby blues
Turned this father into a dad.

A couple years later, another girl
And then we had one more.
I learned more things that I didn?t know
Than I?d ever imagined before.
Like what shoes goes with what kind of clothes
And which clothes are ?totally gross.?
And you don?t have to use the same color polish
On your fingers and your toes.

The bathroom turned into an estrogen pit
With hairbrushes, dryers and more.
Panties and hose on the shower rod
And wet towels all over the floor.
There?s face creams, soaps, and moisturizers
Perfumes, oils and sprays
And a little spot on the counter
Where my comb and toothbrush stays.

I?d always thought that having a son
Is what made a man a man
But, sharing my world with those three little girls
Turned this father into a dad.

The oldest girl is a singer and dancer
The second one plays ball
The third one, she?s a dare devil
And knows no fear at all.
I?ve seen crying all week for a pimple
Temper tantrums over a sock
There were giggling fits over nothing
And ?I love you? painted on a rock.

When I take a look at my future
It?s really not hard to guess
With braces, tuition and weddings
I?ll be in a financial mess.
My life?s a roller coaster
Wrapped in their sorrows or joys
It occurred to me, having tea with their dolls
Why would any dad want to have boys?

I used to think that having a son
Is what made a man a man
Those three little girls that stole my heart
Turned this father into a dad.

© Ken L Moulden 2005

Lyrics Ken Moulden Music Thom Shepherd
Producer Thom Shepherd Publisher Left Lane Publishing, LLC
Performance Thom Shepherd Label Left Lane Publishing, LLC
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