Time Goes On And On

Story Behind The Song

Time. The one element from which nothing escapes. When we're young we don't really appreciate it and as we get old we wish we had more. Tempus Fugit (Latin for time flees) and there's nothing we can do about it. If you haven't already done so, become

Song Description

Mid-tempo country song.

Song Length 2:20 Genre Country - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Time Goes On

Here I am sitting and thinking
What next am I going to do
As minutes turn into hours
Days have turned into years

And time goes on and on and on
It don?t wait for nobody
It goes on putting everyone, everything into the past

And the wheel it keeps on turning
So many dreams won?t come true
As long as the sun keeps on shining
There?s still hope for the ones who lose

Chorus (repeat 1st)


Chorus (repeat 1st)

Lyrics Paul Robichaud Music Keith Robichaud, Paul Robichaud
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