Story Behind The Song

Times were more often than not tough and harsh as the American frontier kept expanding westward and «The Wild West» took it's toll of bodies and minds. Here's one cowboy who's trying to keep atop of it all.

Song Description

Mid-tempo country song.

Song Length 2:18 Genre Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal



Looking back at the facts
Trying to find out why I am what I am
Never crossed the line, never lost my mind
But went a few times to the edge

Fighting with insanity
That little voice inside of me
Trying to tick me off you see

I could go anywhere
So I went to places I should never have gone there
Playing games with my brain
Soon enough I felt the strain

Chorus (repeat 1st)


Now I'm trying, to get out
Of this hell I brought upon myself
The little voice, still bugging me
For the rest of my life I'll have to keep

Chorus (repeat 1st)

Lyrics Paul Robichaud Music Keith Robichaud, Paul Robichaud
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