I Was Drunk

Story Behind The Song

This is for all those people who ever drank alcohol. Do you remember what your first time being drunk was like? Here's one guy's account of how it went.

Song Description

Up-tempo country-rock song.

Song Length 3:43 Genre Country - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


I Was Drunk

I was about 17, a friend of mine said to me
Take this bottle in your hand, it?ll make you a new man
Drink it down to the last drop, go ahead give it all you got
Soon you?re gonna feel so good, feel so good

I had drunk about half the bottle, my legs had begun to wobble
Alcohol had started seeping through my brain
Soon I was feeling good, like my friend said I would
I went for a few more drinks and I understood

I was drunk, I was no longer shy
I was drunk, a sparkle in my eyes
The girls all seemed more pretty than a while ago
I was drunk, like a new disguise
I was drunk, Ireally took a ride
Talking loud, laughing and proud
I was drunk


Next day I was so weak, from my bed I could hardly speak
My head was aching so much from the night before
So the next time I drink, this is what I think
You get your fun for the price that you're willing to pay for

I was drunk, who?s that in my bed?
I was drunk, oh my aching head
But I could talk the talk, I could walk the walk
I was drunk, how did I get home?
I was drunk, I kinda wish I?d known
It will never be the same from now on

I was drunk

Lyrics Keith Robichaud, Paul Robichaud Music Keith Robichaud, Paul Robichaud
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