I Miss You

Story Behind The Song

Sometimes guys don't realize that they have a good woman in their lives and take her for granted. But when she's not around anymore then they notice what they miss. Too bad they hadn't noticed before it was too late.

Song Description

Up-tempo country song.

Song Length 3:06 Genre Country - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


I Miss You

If I would have known then what I know now
I would?nt have gone through all this misery

Thinking I was somebody else
Was?nt what was going to set me free

I did?nt realize how lucky that I was
Just doing what I like and having so much fun

Now I?m lonely you have gone away
So far from me you left me here to stay
Now I miss you

Why did I have to be that way
And think that I was better than you in everyway

Now everyday I can see that I can?t do much
Ever since you?ve gone away from me

Bridge repeat

Chorus repeat


Bridge repeat

Chorus repeat

Lyrics Paul Robichaud Music Keith Robichaud, Paul Robichaud
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