Story Behind The Song

I had people offering me loads of opportunities to pay them thousands of dollars to teach me how to do things I was already good at...

Song Description

A song about trusting your gut and ignoring bad advice!

Song Length 3:54 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - Electro
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cool, Sociable Subject Conformity, Arrogance
Similar Artists Sofi Tukker, Tove Lo Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1:
When you don't touch the grass, it grows. It gets taller on its own
Wounds don't need your help to close. When you pick, you just postpone
Girl, don't text again. He knows, and he's always on his phone, honey

Some things are better....left alone

Water down and interfere, trying to create a need
Bad advice they volunteer. God forbid you disagree
Tell them all to step aside. We can conquer and divide, cuz trust me
Some things are better....left alone
Alone, alone, alone, alone, alone, alone (x3)
Left alone

Verse 2:
Some don't marry well, you know. Too many oats to sow
Take a trip to France solo, while they have the cash to blow
Everyone has their own flow, and hey if it ain't broke, honey



[Exes' DMs (haters' comments)
We don't read them (shallow nonsense)
Straight up whiskey (and black coffee)
Little cats who (try to copy)]x2
Leave them aloooooone


Lyrics Katilyn Pulcher Music Katilyn Pulcher
Producer Katilyn Pulcher and Cheyenne Medders Publisher Jamz by Katilyn (BMI, IPI: 00379054239) 100%
Performance Katilyn Pulcher (lead/background vocals) and Cheyenne Medders (electric guitar, bass guitar, MIDI instruments)
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