No One Knows But You

Story Behind The Song

Reading Job and realized when he met God, after all the horrible things had happened, after bad advice from friends, God just kept directing Job to focus on who God is. Realized there is confidence when we focus on who God is and what he has done.

Song Description

God knows many things that no one else knows and he knows how to do the impossible. He hears what we cannot hear. He friends the lonely. He taught Eagles to build their nests. He also is very personal and listens to all our requests.

Song Length 3:10 Genre Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Glad, Still Subject God
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


Composer: Kathy Myers

Title: No One Knows But You
Vs. 1:
No one knows what you know, God
How to fill an empty space.
How to hold the world in place.
How to mend a broken race
With your patience, love, and grace.

Vs. 2:
No one knows what you know, God
How to unmask our disguise.
How to open blinded eyes.
How to see through all our lies
Then you hear our silent cries.
Chorus: No one knows what you know, God; No one knows but you.

You own the day and night; the sun and moon rest in your hands.
Your spoken word creates and separates the sea from lands.
Who feeds the fish in the sea.
Who decorates the birds that fly in the sky.
Who taught the eagles to build their nests.
The one who takes the time to answer every one of our requests.

Vs. 3
No one knows what you know, God
How to ease the painful groan.
How to friend those all alone.
How to make your presence known
While forever on the throne. You're forever on the throne, You're forever on the throne.
No one knows what you know God, No one knows but you.
┬ęKathy Myers 2012

the song has an Enya feel to it. It sounds a little dated but it is well written.

Good vocals nice piano melody.

Great harmonies and piano playing!! The song definitely contains a hook and the instrumentation is fantastic.

I like the intro, makes me want to listen more, the lyrics are touching, the heart comes through, the horn is a nice touch and the simplicity of the arrangement was just right.

Great vocals and musical arrangement!

Lyrics Kathy Myers Music Kathy Myers
Producer Kathy Myers with Tom Reock Performance Kathy Myers vocals; instrumentalist Tom Reock
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