Child in the Mirror

Song Description

The horror of poverty gets lost among the fairy tales we tell our children

Song Length 3:05 Genre Folk - General, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Restless Subject Economics, Poverty
Similar Artists Joan Osborne, Joan Baez Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


There?s a little lost child in the mirror,
she cannot seem to utter a word
She has listened to the story of Wonderland,
she dreams about the characters heard

She doesn?t hear the screaming, the pounding on the walls
She only sees the wonder through the looking glass
where she will fall

There?s a little scared child in the mirror,
every day she is left there alone
She is living all her life through a fairy tale,
to escape all the problems at home

Her father?s gone forever She skips another meal
Her mother?s out there scrounging She will eat
what her mother will steal

There?s a little sad child in the mirror,
cause she?ll never have her fantasy filled
She will live inside the horror of poverty,
until finally it?ll break down her will

She cannot feel the sadness
Her baby brother cries
She just can?t wait to get there,
through the glass to the other side

If we dare to be strong and to take on the task
We can shatter the illusion of the looking glass
There will be no White rabbit, Mad Hatter or Queen
Just a terrified Alice who is trapped in a dream

There?s a little lost child in the mirror,
she is living on the hope of a world
She is dreaming of the story of Wonderland,
but it?s nothing like her life will unfurl

We never see the children, the beggars are outcast
We only see the wonder of the story
of the looking glass

Lyrics Kathy Leonardo Music Kathy Leonardo
Producer Kathy Leonardo Publisher Kathy Leonardo
Performance Kathy Leonardo
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