Rain on me (demo)

Story Behind The Song

There really is no story, but funny enough... i can really relate to this song presently.

Song Description

This song has to do with a person who has been hurt continously by their signifigant other but its so captivated by this person that they keep coming back, ie they keep getting rained on. Yet although it seems like a bad thing at first, it turns out that its just working through love and realizing that not all relationships are sunlight and roses.

Song Length 2:55 Genre Pop - Alternative
Mood Passive, Troubled Subject Relationship
Language English Era 2000 and later


Well I didnt know that only sunshine followed rain
Should I be saving all my sunshines for a brighter day?
And who ever thought to think that this might ease my pain?
So much for thinking, here comes the rain

The higher you climb now baby, the further you fall
You give a little, and you lose it all
Wish you may and Oh, wish you might
But tell me what you're wishing, on clouds tonight

Rain on me, love
love and just
Make it strong so you wont see
Me crying
And I wont make no guaruntess
love so just
Rain on me

Verse 3
Now somewhere my mind is hiding, back behind the door
Drip drop i'll always come back for more
With all these complicated errors thrown my way
For lack of further discussion
Bring on the rain


Let it rain, now wont you let it rain love,
Let it Rain on me.

Lyrics Kate Pearson Music Kate Pearson
Producer Wayne Pearson Performance Kate Pearson vocals Wayne Pearson guitar
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