Tongue Tied (demo)

Story Behind The Song

The story behind the song all began after an argument with my boyfriend. I always felt as if he thought his opinions on music were so much cooler and avant garde and all of this crap and I felt as if he thought my music was just some big poppy, acoustic guitar, female bass playing joke. So being an idiot, i tried to write song he would think were cool. And what a shocker, it ended up that I coudlnt' write anything at all! So, this is the song that broke me out of my writers block and its sort of an up yours to him!

Song Description

This is about whatever you want, everyone is going to relate to a song in a different way.

Song Length 4:20 Genre Folk - Rock, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


If i could write and introspective song
Well maybe then you'd sing a long
Ooh wooh ooh ooh
Thats a nice big idea

With no given melody well
maybe then you'd sing with me
Ooh wooh ooh ooh
With the words you want to hear.

Its a stale cold stage tonight
and none of this is feeling right
Ooh wooh ooh ooh
As you're looking up to see

This blank expression on my face
From this bitter song I've come to taste
Ooh wooh ooh ooh
You have taken over me

Not everybody has a way with words
And you've taken over mine
I'm not quite sure how it occured
But you've got me

Now I would sit and write the truth
But the papers blank and the pen wont move
Ooh wooh ooh ooh
And my mind keeps runnign round

Last night's old cherade
Where my empty words were on parade
Ooh wooh ooh ooh
It pins my voice inside my mouth


You've got me
Words i'm using I'm not choosing
you've got me

Well if I could write an introspective song well
Maybe then you'd
Sing a long


Lyrics Kate Pearson Music Kate Pearson
Producer Corey Staats Performance Kate Pearson Lead Vocals, Bass guitar Corey Staats Acoustic Guitar
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