Story Behind The Song

The concept of Jesus as our "first love" has stuck with me since a study of Revlations. Part of the song came to me in the shower. I jumped out, grabbed a towel, ran downstairs and wrote it down. About a year later, the rest of the song came. Simple a

Song Description

praise song

Song Length 5:14 Genre Country - Religious, Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Composed
Subject Religion, Spirituality Language English


Karmann Powell copyright 2006

Your tender mercies
Are new every morning
Your loving kindness
Is new every day
You are my first love
Your the reason I sing
Jesus I love you
You are my king
Your the reason I sing

I sing of your glory
I sing of your grandeur
I sing of your majesty
I sing of the grace you so freely bestowed
That it saved a wretch like me

I sing hallelujah
I lift up my hands
I exalt and praise your name
I love you Lord Jesus
With all of my heart
My soul and all of my strength


Lyrics Karmann Powell Music Karmann Powell
Performance Karmann Powell vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin; Tim Hamm, drums

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