Morning Prayer

Story Behind The Song

I like to play around with open tunings. This is an open G tuning. My grandmother taught me a song in this tuning when I was young. The tune had a feel of grandure. It felt like morning to me. The words area a simple expression of my gratitude to God.

Song Description

This song captures a morning prayer of gratitude, sitting by a creek in the woods with a cup of coffee and the bible.

Song Length 3:51 Genre Folk - Religious, Folk - Rural
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Peaceful, Composed
Subject Spirituality, God Language English


Morning Prayer

Thank you, Lord, for a new day
Thank you, Lord, for this new day
I wake in the morning
I want to cry like a baby
For your sacrifice and
Your sweet love has saved me
Thank you, Lord, for a new day

Thank for the cool of the morning
And the heat of the day
Thank for the parents
Who sent me on my way
Thank for the trials
That teach me your will
Thank for your word
That keeps my soul still

Thank you, Lord, for a new day
Thank you, Lord, for this new day

Lyrics Karmann Powell Music Karmann Powell
Producer Stan Powell Publisher Moment of Grace Music
Performance Karmann Powell

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